Practicing Architecture in this millennium is a careful balancing act of quality performance and efficiency of operation. Streamlined, elegant, and effective.

Our firm provides Architecture, Sustainable Design, Urban Design, Interior design and Graphic Design.

What we have to offer is Big Ideas at the forefront, and the ability to follow through and deliver until the finish. When the act of building is to implement a creative concept – the process is both meaningful and rewarding.

Designing with Nature has always been a part of our sensibility. It used to be a luxury, but now it is a necessity. Passive solar principles combined with active new technologies can be subtly applied, so the built environment-- the outcome, can succeed on many levels. The result is Architecture: a harmonious blend of natural materials, light and nature. Creating places and spaces that are healthy, beautiful and safe – for you and the earth.

As a client, you may like to be guided to new opportunities in energy use and savings. You may be interested in how you can creatively participate in the solutions that become part of the fabric of our city. For Clients who are looking for new and unique solutions to their projects, we guarantee the one on one attention you will receive with a small firm.

We view our clients as an integral part of our team.
Join our team. Together we can make winning Architecture.

Michelle Moraczewski is the principal architect of MPA Studio. Michelle has approximately 26 years of architectural experience. She has traveled and lived in Europe, and worked professionally in Philadelphia, Austin, Nashville and New York. This gives her a wide experience base and has developed both her worldview and concept of Architecture as a rigorous blend of art and science. She believes aesthetics is a science that can be applied to all creative art forms.

As the sole principal at Moraczewski Poag Architect, she has vast experience in all phases of the construction process. In addition to her firm’s work, she has collaborated with numerous firms serving as a design architect and project manager.

Michelle Moraczewski holds a Professional Bachelor of Architecture degree from Rice University in Houston, where she also obtained a Bachelor of Science in Art and Art History.  She continued her studies in art at the Atelier Neo Medici in Paris, France.

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